Inventing the Technology that Resulted in the World’s First Internet-Connected Car

After three years of focused R&D in 1996, Cellport introduced its Mobile Network Technologies (MNT) to great acclaim. The platform demonstrated the world’s first Internet-connected vehicle, called Mobile Web.

This breakthrough technology connected any vehicle to the Internet. Selling hundreds of prototype systems over a decade, Cellport brought about today’s surge of Internet-connected vehicle growth along with a broad range of applications that include:

  • Vehicle safety (i.e., crash sensors, anti-lock brakes controller, air bags)
  • Warranty services
  • Maintenance services
  • Navigation
  • Multi-media streaming

In 1998, Cellport delivered the first IP-V6 link selection services suite, which was built on top of the Mobile Web platform.

The Cellport MNT patent portfolio led the way to a$30 billion market of connected vehicle hardware and services in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

For more information on Cellport’s MNT patents click here. For a list of licensees click here